Walk-In Climatic Test Chamber



heating, cooling, lighting

Technincal features:

  • Temperature range: +10°C/+40°C.
  • Dimensions upon request.
  • The perimeter borders (70mm. panel thickness) are made of suitably shaped self-extinguishing PVC profiles with co-extruded gaskets to guarantee seal, sunk in polyurethane; the off-centre galvanized steel hooks are aimed at joining the panels.
  • CAST-IRON SHEETS STANDARD – Plastic-coated 0.55 mm thickness for walls and ceilings, hot-galvanized EN 10142 (UNI 5753-75) with rymer on the internal surface for anchoring the polyurethane; applied on the outside is a film of non-toxic PVC with an orange-peel finish (scratch-resistant).
  • Rounded angles.
  • Alignment profile for a perfect joint.
  • Panels made of food-safe plastified galvanized sheet.
  • Tight joint for a perfect tightness.
  • DOOR – External frame in aluminium with an inserted PVC profile with a rounded corner for condensate free connection to the internal plate, PVC gasket with double tube that fits onto the aluminium frame for simple replacement, lifting hinges with screws not accessible from outside, 1-point closing with internal button for safety release and lock with easily obtainable replaceable block.
  • FLOOR: Stainless steel certified R12 with anti-slip finishing.
  • Service Light.
  • Air or Water Refrigerating device to be positioned outside the Chamber.
  • Lighting device to be positioned upon request: on the ceiling, on the walls, on shelves.

Control Panel Board complete with:

  • WEST 6400 Microprocessor Programmer allowing PID control, set point digital visualization, Temperature and Light real value inside the Chamber.
  • WEST 6400 Microprocessor Programmer allowing PID control, set point digital visualization, Humidity real value inside the Chamber
  • Over-Temperature safety Thermostat.
  • Max Temperature Alarm Light.
  • Under-Temperature safety Thermostat.
  • Min Temperature Alarm Light.
  • 2 switches for three light intensity (min/ave/max).
  • Direct or Programmed Temperature switching ON/OFF.
  • Direct or Programmed Light switching ON/OFF.
  • n.3Lighting Switches: 1st set of Light –2nd set of Light –3rd set of Light.
  • Min/Max set Temperature with remote control
  • Mains Switch.
  • Fuses.

V.380/3 +N+Ground
CEI 62-25 Electric Device – CE Marking


  • Humidity Device.
  • Temperature/Humidity Recorder.
  • Shelving (stainless steeel) with Lighting Device.
  • Stainless steel 304 18/8-18/10: thickness 0.6 mm for perimeter Panels.




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Made in Italy

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