Refrigerated Incubator C4TALU


Technical features:

  • 4 different light intensity: 1000 Lux – 2000 Lux – 3000 Lux – dark chamber.
  • Simulates reproducible Light and climatic conditions of Temperature, Humidity and Light distribution.
  • Temperature range: +10°C/+40°C (accuracy 2°C all over inside the chamber, read on display ± 0,1).
  • Humidity range: from ambient to 85% (accuracy 5 all over inside the chamber, read on display ±1).
  • Outer case in stainless epoxy painted steel plate with acid and rust-proof ground.
  • Internal chamber in stainless steel as per AISI 304.
  • External Door in enamelled steel and interior in stainless steel.
  • Heating provided by stainless steel sheathed resistors.
  • CFC-free refrigerator unit for ozone and environment protection (Art.549/93).
  • Overpowered compressor.
  • Fan-forced air circulation.
  • n.3 stainless steel Shelves.
  • Lighting device positioned inside the front door: n.8 Lamps (36 watt each) protected by transparent panel fan to cool down Lamps.
  • Hot steam Humidity device complete with plastic tank complete with tap and floating switch.
  • Tank to be filled with treated water (not regular tap water).

Control panel housing:

  • n.2 Ascon M3 microprocessor Temperature/Light regulator PID autotuning.
  • n.1 Ascon M3 microprocessor Humidity regulator PID autotuning.
  • 4 hour Timer to set temperature and light.
  • Over temperature safety thermostat.
  • Max temperature alarm light.
  • Under temperature safety thermostat.
  • min temperature alarm light.
  • Switches for n.3 lux intensity (min/ave/max).
  • Switch to choose between direct or programmed temperature.
  • Switch to choose between direct or programmed lighting.
  • Humidity switch.
  • Humidity alarm (lack of water in tank).
  • line switch.
  • indicator lamps.
  • Safety fuses.

Model C4TALU

  • int. dimensions: cm. 61x63x100 H = lt. 384
  • ext.dimensions: cm.102x80x155 H


230V – 50 Hz Single phase Electric system acc. to CEI 62-25


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Made in Italy

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