Refrigerated Incubator C2TA C3TA

C2TA-C3TATechnical features:

  • Temperature range: +5°C/+50°C.
  • Outer case in stainless epoxy painted steel plate with acid and rust-proof ground.
  • Internal chamber in stainless steel as per AISI 304.
  • External front door in enamelled steel and interior in stainless steel with silicone rubber gasket.
  • Internal Glass door.
  • Thermo insulation through thick rock wool panels.
  • Heating through stainless steel sheathed Resistor easy to replace.
  • CFC-free refrigerator unit for ozone and environment protection (Art.549/93).
  • Overpowered compressor.
  • Fan powered circulation, through specific fan to ensure excellent thermal uniformity.

Control Panel mounted on the right side, housing :

  • Ascon PID autotuning microprocessor Regulator.
  • Under and over-temperature safety thermostats with alarm light -Mains Switch.
  • Alarm light.
  • Safety fuses.

n.2 Stainless steel Shelves
230/1/50 Hz Electric system according to CEI 62-25 CE Marking

Mod. C2TA Mod C3TA

  • int. dimensions: cm. 46x46x60 H = lt.125 int. dimensions: cm. 61x63x60 H = lt.230
  • ext.dimensions: cm. 85x62x76 H ext.dimensions: cm.102x80x76 H


  • IQ-OQ Protocols
  • Temperature Protocol
  • Temperature Recorder
  • Remote Alarm system for Temperature through NO/NC ‘clean contact’
  • Steel Stand with castors


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Made in Italy

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