Laminar Flow Cabinet



The horizontal laminar flow cabinet are used in Research and Floriculture Laboratories for the following applications : plant tissue
culture and medicine preparation, sterile test, assembly of optic components, etc.
They are carefully constructed to prevent contamination from the outside environment as well as cross contamination .
Air passing through a HEPA filter, allows a sterile work environment ( Class 100 )

Technical features :

  • Outer case in stainless epoxy painted steel plate with acid and rust-proof ground
  • bench in stainless steel 18/8 AISI 304
  • Side walls in crystal glass
  • Mounting stand in painted steel
  • Main filter having an efficiency over 99,99%
  • Pre-filters in polyurethane
  • Motor fans
  • Internal light
  • Front control panel housing :
    • Mains switch
    • Reduction/L.A.F. button
    • Fluorescent lamp switch
    • UV lamp switch
    • Safety fuses
    • Single-phase 220V-50Hz
  • Electric system according to CEI 62-25 – CE Marking
Model Internal Dimensions
(WxDxH) mm
External Dimensions
(WxDxH) mm
Net Weight Kg Watt
120 1200x600x730 1270x1000x1640 130 500
180 1800x600x730 1880x1000x1640 200 1000

Made in Italy

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