Stability Test Chamber 1700CFU



Temperature range: +15°C/+50°C (accuracy ±1°C all over inside the chamber) (read on display ± 0,1) .

Humidity range: from ambient to 85%  (accuracy ±3 all over inside the chamber) (read on display ±0,1) .

Stability Test to be chosen among: 25°C with 60% Humidity; 30°C with 65% Humidity;  30°C with 75% Humidity; 40°C with 75% Humidity.


Real performance scheme of our Stability Chamber:


Temperature T°C

min R.H. % max R.H. %
15 55,7 92
20 50,5 95,5
25 42,5 99,9
30 38,6 97
35 31,7 95
40 27,0 95
50 25 94
55 23 94
60 19,6 81


35 mm. Validation Port

Construction: stainless steel as per AISI 304 (inside and outside)

Cast-iron Sheets Stainless steel 304 18/8-18/10: thickness 0.6 mm for perimeter panels and floor

Insulation: high density polyurethane mm.60

double front Door: stainless steel front door

PVC profile with a rounded corner for condensate-free connection to the internal plate,
PVC gasket with double tube.

Conditioning device through C.F.C. free air refrigerating device

Inner ventilation through n.3 fans to optimise temperature

Plenum for optimal circulation and uniformity

Evaporator will be positioned inside the chamber

Refrigerating device Technical description:

Refrigerating Group suitably protected, to be positioned on top of the chamber.

  • Refrigerating group type hermetic SCROLL with AIR condeser, gas R134A.
  • Deidrating filter, electro-valve for liquid, expansion hermostatic valve, high/low pressure pressostat,
  • Mounted in independent powder RAL 9002 painted steel fairing.
  • Copper/Aluminium Aeroevaporator, complete with resistors
  • Copper piping to connect Refrigerating group and evaporator

Heating through resistors

Service Lamp through switch and light positioned outside the door.

Humidity device through hot steam generator + 30lt tank to be filled with treated water

Stainless steel SHELVING (ecoinox) composed by:

  • Base Element cm.150x70x140H with n.5 perforated Shelves in polyethylene.
  • Each shelf cm.150×70 can be loaded with n.12 plastic boxes mm.300x220x105= tot. n.60.

Control panel complete with:

  • Ascon M3 3107 Temperature microprocessor regulator P.I.D. autotuning with automatic calibration of set parameters
  • Ascon M3 3107 Humidity microprocessor regulator P.I.D. autotuning with automatic calibration of set parameters
  • Min max safety regulators with sound/visual alarm
  • Under and over-temperature safety alarm for deviation from set point ±2
  • Under and over humidity % safety alarm for deviation from set point ±5
  • Lack of water safety
  • Compressor failure alarm through low pressure pressostat
  • Alarm system for Temperature and Humidity  through ‘clean contact’ NO (normally Open) and NC (normally closed) which can be used by you to sound your buzzer or whatever you need.
  • Mains switch
  • Humidity switch
  • Alarm lights
  • Safety fuses


Mod. 1700CFU

  • Int.  dimensions mm. 1600 x   780 x 1430 (wxdxh)
  • Ext. dimensions mm. 1720 x 1060 x 2120 (wxdxh)
  • 1784 capacity
  • N° 4 casters (n.2 free n.2 with stopblock)


230/1 – 50 Hz  Electric system according to CEI 62-25  – CE Marking


  • FDA approved Digital Video Recorder
  • IQ/OQ Protocols
  • Temperature/Humidity Protocols




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Made in Italy

Data, description and illustration are only indicative, products may have different characteristics due to manufacturing requirements. Cavallo srl reserves the right to any modifications to its products without notice.