Planth Growth Chamber 1700CFLU


Technical description:

  • Temperature:+25% – Humidity:75%.
  • Construction: inside and outside in stainless steel AISI 304.
  • Insulation: high density polyurethane mm.80 thickness.
  • n.2 Front Doors in stainless steel mm. 600×1300 H. Silicone gasket.
  • Cooling device positioned on top of the chamber through Air Refrigerating Unit, C.F.C. free.
  • Overpowered compressor.
  • Inner non stop ventilation to uniform temperature.
  • Heating provided through stainless steel resistors.
  • Illumination system – lighting device positioned inside n.2 side Doors through:
    • 2 inspection side Doors (outside in painted steel and inside in stainless steel).
    • Lighting device through n.16 Lamps (n.8 inside left door + n.8 inside right one).
  • Thermic insulation with n.2 side termopan fixed wall (no access. To be used for inspection only).
  • Fan on each side door to cool down lamps.
  • Hot steam Humidity device. Tank to be filled with treated water.
  • (Humidity Tray with resistor).
  • Hole/Port Ø 35 mm.

Control panel placed on the upper part of the chamber, housing:

  • Programmer model West 6400 for Temperature and Light.
  • Programmer model West 6400 for Humidity memory for programs – PIN code for control system.
  • 24 hour Timer to set temperature and light.
  • over temperature safety thermostat.
  • max temperature alarm light.
  • under temperature safety thermostat.
  • min temperature alarm light.
  • switch to choose between direct or programmed lighting.
  • switches for n.3 lux intensity (min/ave/max turning ON/OFF 1st 2nd group of lamps).
  • Humidity switch.
  • Humidity alarm (lack of water in tank).
  • line switch.
  • indicator lamps.
  • safety fuses.

CEI 62-25 Electric device – CE Marking – V.230 single-phase

Mod. 1700CFLU

  • Ext.Dimensions mm. 1940x1060x2120H (lxpxh)
  • Int. Dimensions mm. 1640x 740x1430H (lxpxh) = net capacity lt. 1735
  • N° 6 movable shelves mm.700×600
  • Kit of casters


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Made in Italy

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