Refrigerated Cabinet 1400SC


1400SC Refrigerated Cabinet without electrical contacts

Technical features:

  • Refrigerated air ventilated Cabinet without electrical contacts inside the chamber, ideal for use with materials releasing vapors.
  • Air Extraction system by centrifugal fan, may be connected to external aspiration.
  • Timer for air exchange inside the chamber.
  • Anti-dust filter inlet.
  • Temperature range: -2°C /+8°C
  • Structure made entirely of stainless steel as per AISI 304 with Scotch-brite exterior finish.
  • Rounded inner corners for easy cleaning operations, bottom bowl to contain spills.
  • Double Door with rubber gasket, magnetic type. Self-closing system for openings <90°.
  • Full-grip handle entirely made from the door structure, for easy opening and immediate cleaning.
  • Lock and key.
  • The insulation thickness is 60 mm polyurethane injected CFC and HCFC.
  • Internal lighting: lamp activated when door open.
  • Traditional Refrigeration unit: continuous forced ventilation, located at the top of the structure.
  • The ventilated refrigeration system allows a good distribution of set temperature inside the chamber.
  • The evaporator provides maximum surface of thermic exchange.
  • Condense evaporation through electrical device.
  • CFC-free R404 refrigerant.
  • Compressor Cooling power: 675W at +35°C ambient temperature, evaporation -32°C and condensation: +55°C.
  • Tropicalized compressor (+43°C).
  • Defrosting: automatic hot gas
  • Double temperature probe.
  • Control panel:
    • Touch screen front panel.
    • Keypad lock function.
    • Door open alarm.
    • Possibility to select temperatures in °C or °F.
    • Fast overcooling function.
  • n.6 Plastic-coated racks with adjustable rails.
  • n.4 Adjustable stainless steel Feet 55 mm. These adapt the cabinet to any situation by adjusting height and angle.
  • Electricity (V/ph/Hz): 230 / 1 / 50 – Watt 608 – CE marking
  • Capacity: 1400 ltrs
  • External dimensions (LxPxH mm): 1435x810x2060 net weight (Kg): 164
  • Overall dimensions (LxPxH mm): 1500x890x2200 gross weight (Kg): 178
  • Optional: cable entry hole/port, Castors Kit


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Made in Italy

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